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When you weren't looking

Updated: Dec 1, 2020



The clarion call from the ivory towers has been made, COVID is the hinge point. They say It's time for the fundamental transformation of the globe... the culmination of ages of planning, the great RESET, the intentional destruction and coup of the AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE.

The RESET is the systematic STANDARDIZING, and MONITORING, of ALL RESOURCES, including YOU - what they refer to as "human capital". Think we are wrong?

What is the Great Reset and why should you care??

THE GREAT RESET is their plan for:








ALL INFORMATION and all human beings.

Become familiar with the key players we directed you to in part 1. Once you understand the foundation, it will all start to come together for you.

THE GREAT RESET is the antithesis of the individual American dream. Reject the claim of a "new normal", there is nothing normal about this. Be watchful, their narrative will look natural and unassuming. We cannot overstate that enough. It is meant to look like the solution to your fear, a natural evolution. Words like in order to return to normal, it is now necessary, etc., will become part of the echo chamber.

HOW WILL THE GREAT RESET IMPACT YOU? This will alter the course of every human on the face of the planet. Let us explain using their very real terms that we covered this in part 1; THEY have laid the gauntlet down, they have set the agenda:

No Buying

No Selling

and no participation in society without a vaccine, without contact tracing.

They have the means, they have the cause, and they have the cure. Track, trace, quarantine, separate, isolate... with their "acuity of attention".

Not convinced this is about more than a virus? Let's go deeper.


"Real public health core."

The predicate to getting back to normal is to track, Isolate with the help of an "army of folks";

Privacy will be impacted by their "acuity of attention" to where you go and whom you talk to.

Transmission in the home?

Remove the individual from the home and Isolate.



The World Bank, the World Economic Forum, the IMF, the UN, and the WHO say we have a "part to play", The part they say you play, must be played well; the part of another resource to be standardized and monitored to ensure collective buy-in.

You are viewed as their human capital.

We challenge you; do a search for human capital and see what shows up.

While you weren't looking there has been a merging of government and corporations (PPP's Public-Private Partnerships) to develop perfect synchronization of human capital, for example:

It wasn't an accident that educational changes made years ago allow for a standardization of education and testing that feeds into the agenda to STANDARDIZE and MONITOR all resources.

The goal is and was for a cradle to grave monitoring system, funded in part by globalists like Bill and Melinda Gates.

The following is a letter written by Marc Tucker, President of the National Center for Education and the Economy, to Hillary Clinton, and was made part of Congressional Records by a Senator from Colorado.

“Dear Hillary [Clinton] Letter,” November 11, 1992

A cradle to grave system of education. No varients (standardization) based on desired outcomes (monitoring for measuring) for clients. Get that? Not for what is best for the individual to help fulfill their hopes, gifts, dreams, or aspirations.

Super handy, that the Obama Care Act/the Affordable Care Act has a home visitation program folded into it. You know, just to help assure the ability to measure those "determined outcomes".

All the fundamental shifts in our culture and society: health care, education, employment. All partnered to ensure workforce value.

Human management, human resources, human capital.

Connecting the dots now? They told us, it was about the "fundamental transformation of America".

Know this, they are not stupid. They are not naïve. They beta test and subtly roll things out so as not to awaken you all at once and hopefully not at all. If you stay asleep to the bigger playbook, this is what is coming to a neighborhood near you.

Did you hear them? Potential removal from homes. The rolling out of an army of displaced workers to use for contact tracers, i.e. social shaming.

Shed your skepticism of their own words.

What happens when you exercise what you thought were your rights?

Read the article. She was willing to self-quarantine, but not willing to sign an agreement to notify her county health board about travels. Let that soak in. Perhaps the next step is to not be able to move freely without a vaccine and a "COVID PASS"? We covered that in the last post. Those are their words, not ours.

The goal to:



-Destroy independent thought

They are social shaming you out of intellectual thinking through fear and frenzy. We don't dare even trust our instincts and are more likely to turn our neighbors in to an overreaching shopping center, employer, or government than we are to unite with them.


Don't believe their words yet?

Let's connect these final dots. Presidential Document Executive Order 13603 of March 16, 2012

Measure levels of resources, assets, and human capital in times of peace and times of emergency.

Press into government employment, WITHOUT COMPENSATION.

When you think of employment, do you think of it as working without compensation?

and continue to measure and assess the governmental workforce needs for the purposes of national defense.

Seeing the shift?

Human capital by definition: "The skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population, viewed in terms of their value or cost to an organization or country."

What happens when your value is compromised by age, noncompliance, or your "skills" are found antiquated or unnecessary? Did you ever pause to wonder how the holocaust happened? The government determined who was valuable TO THEM, and who was not.

You are a flip of a switch away from servitude. The scaffolding is in place.

Without a closer look, this would look like a parody. At this critical juncture in their plan, they need you to look to THEM for the answers.


Their message: Be a compliant business owner, father, mother, neighbor, leader, pastor, church, etc. by following the guidelines and things will not get worse.

"It's just a mask"

"It's just for a few weeks"

"It's just until we get a vaccine"

"It's just a few side effects"

"It's just to let others know you're safe to be around"

"It's just an app"

"It's just a chip"

"It's just for travel"

"It's just so you can get your drivers license"

"It's just a clump of cells"

"It's just the undesirables"

"It's just the Jews"

"It's just the Christians"




This goes much further than the mask/no mask debate. There is another sickness spreading. This sickness is a revolution away from independent thought and personal responsibility. This is the death spiral of civil liberties, individuality, human worth, and dignity. This historic American norms will be the casualty of their agenda, replaced by the widespread and deliberate instigation of their control of "human capital" on all imaginable levels.

The reset will be more readily welcomed in the state of crisis. When normal rules of living are altered it becomes easier to keep you riveted because humans are naturally creatures of habit and on the threshold of the reset, everything changed. We have been separated from all the familiar persons, places, and ritualistic habits we are accustomed to. They say it's important for you to sacrifice your norms so that deceitfully subtle "new norms" can be clearly redefined. Your acceptance and participation in these new norms are necessary to be inducted into the "new normal".

They are master wordsmiths. They have crafted their messages to assimilate your compliance, if compliance shifts, so does the narrative. It's critical to understand the end objectives and then you will be able to frame the context of all information.

Ask yourself, if we don't believe their own words, who is the bigger fool, them or us?

Consider these blog posts your jump-start; Question, reach out, talk amongst those in your community. Find other like-minded people as you find a way to the truth. Get involved, especially at the local level. Primaries are tomorrow, August 4th. Know your candidates and vote.

Your health department board.

Your city council.

Your commissioners and your Sheriff races are critical.

Meet with them, talk to others who work with them and we will dare say, pray for the spirit of discernment. Here is a clue: The most liberty-minded is usually not the most liked party candidate, the most suave, or the one that looks like a GQ magazine model. You are voting for a leader to defend your liberty, not the next American Idol.

What is the more pervasive threat, COVID, or the stuff that made for unbelievable science fiction novels 60 years ago? We are here.

The thread we keep pulling exposes more and more layers. We will share more of what we have learned soon.

Do your own homework. Get involved. Ask yourself: What happens if we miss the exits?


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