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They say hard-working Missourians that oppose SB51 have ties to trial attorneys. They have been out of touch for too long, and can't believe that the regular Joes and Janes of Missouri are engaged in the process of vetting bills that will impact US! No organization, no classification, no special interest beyond that of TRUTH and LIBERTY.

Here is what's different now!

We recognize we have left our liberty to what they call the "hands of experts" for far too long.

We know that Republicans are not gods, and if left in the vacuum of Jefferson City too long with lobbyists that stroke their egos and promise them campaign contributions... they begin to struggle, justify their actions and lose sight of real-life outside the Capital. We wish our senators to say, "No thank you" to the overpowering influence of those that push for special "protections" that are intended to bend our lives to ensure their success and to pad their own pockets.


SB51 hasn't been voted on in the Senate, yet. (As of this date of Tuesday, February 9th). You still have time to engage, teach, and reach out to key senators before the bill is voted out of the senate. It has been perfected which means there will be no more amendments added and no more debate. Now, the only thing left to do is vote the perfected version of the bill out of the Senate and attempt to merge a bill with the House.

Have something to say?

Have a small business that will be impacted in a real way by SB51? Send it in, it's time they see the REAL faces of the Missourians who will be impacted by their decision to side with those who they swore to represent.

In the meantime: CALL THE GOVERNOR'S OFFICE: 573/751-3222 or email here:

Contact Us | Governor Michael L. Parson (

The following have not indicated if they will vote no. Please call ALL of them to tell them you want a NO vote:

1.Senator Bob Onder 573-751-1282

2. Senator Eric Burlinson 573-751-1503 3. Senator Andrew Koenig 573-751-5568

4. Senator Cindy O'Laughlin 573-751-7985

5. Senator Sandy Crawford 573-751-8793

6. Senator Jason Bean 573-751-4843

7. Senator Denny Hoskins 573-751-4302

8. Senator Paul Wieland 573-751-1492

9. Senator Mike Cierpiot 573-751-1464

10. Senator Karla Eslinger 573-751-1882

11. Senator Elain Gannon 573-751-4008

12. Senator Jeanie Riddle 573-751-2757

13. Senator Dan Hegeman 573-751-1415

14. Senator Dave Schatz 573-751-3678

15. Senator Lincoln Hough 573-751-1311

16. Senator Mike Bernskoetter 573-751-2076

17. Senator Caleb Rowden 573-751-3931

Below is the list of Senators who have already stood with us against SB51: Senator Eigel, Senator Moon, and Senator Brattin.

These Senators have indicated they are a YES vote: Senator Justin Brown, Senator Tony Luetkemeyer, Senator Bill White, Senator Holly Rehder

REQUEST ALL MISSIOURIANS BE TREATED with EQUAL protections. The same protections to hospitals, COVID product manufacturers, etc.

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