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Missourians want a NO vote on SB51/SB42. HERE IS WHY!!!

This video explains the double talk in the language of the bill. Ask yourself as you watch... IS THEIR DEFINITION OF PROTECTION THE SAME AS YOURS???


Below is the list of Senators who have already stood with us against SB51: Senator Eigel, Senator Moon, and Senator Brattin.

These Senators have indicated they are a YES vote: Senator Justin Brown, Senator Tony Luetkemeyer, Senator Bill White, Senator Holly Rehder

We need you to call these Senators because they have not indicated if they will vote no: Please call ALL of them to tell them you want a NO vote:

1.Senator Bob Onder 573-751-1282

2. Senator Eric Burlinson 573-751-1503 3. Senator Andrew Koenig 573-751-5568

4. Senator Cindy O'Laughlin 573-751-7985

5. Senator Sandy Crawford 573-751-8793

6. Senator Jason Bean 573-751-4843

7. Senator Denny Hoskins 573-751-4302

8. Senator Paul Wieland 573-751-1492

9. Senator Mike Cierpiot 573-751-1464

10. Senator Karla Eslinger 573-751-1882

11. Senator Elain Gannon 573-751-4008

12. Senator Jeanie Riddle 573-751-2757

13. Senator Dan Hegeman 573-751-1415

14. Senator Dave Schatz 573-751-3678

15. Senator Lincoln Hough 573-751-1311

16. Senator Mike Bernskoetter 573-751-2076

17. Senator Caleb Rowden 573-751-3931

REQUEST ALL MISSIOURIANS BE TREATED with EQUAL protections, not based on their definitions of compliance, "reckless" or "willful misconduct".

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