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Kill the Bill

It's back with a vengeance. SB1 that was pulled during the special session is back. This time the bill has two sponsors in the Missouri General Assembly. The bills are nearly identical, with the bill also being fractured and portions being tucked into smaller bills. THE POWERS THAT BE WANT THIS BILL PASSED. There are no stopgaps to the erosion of the cherished rights that we, as Americans have if the sponsors of these bills get their way. What will be the permanent impact of this bill?

  • No liability- ZERO, for big corporations, state and local governments, big pharma, and any third parties associated with the manufacturing, distribution, and administration of the vaccine or any current or future COVID mandates.

  • They are setting up two classes of businesses, one: those with complete liability protection through their partnerships with state and local governments


small businesses/restaurants that are compelled to comply through threats of lost licensure and risk of penalties, including legal liabilities.

  • Unilateral control turned over to unelected health boards and the Department of DHSS

  • This bill could potentially lead to taking away any vaccine exemptions including the MTHFR Gene exemption (pg. 3) They have to get this passed before implementing widespread standardization of protocols to close the gap on any liability on their part.

  • No liability for hospitals, including ANY LACK OF CARE on their part. This could be through mismanagement of administration such as firing, furloughing, or understaffing during a state of emergency. They cannot be held accountable for the LACK OF CARE OR TREATMENT.

Situation A: If you abide perfectly and strictly by the council of the Department of Health and Senior Services or your local health board, and someone accuses you of getting sick from being around you or inside your premises, you will be free from liability because you did exactly as you were told (whatever they decide that moving target looks like). Sounds great right?


Don't live by or comply exactly as those unelected health boards tell you, then...too bad for you. There is this thing called an "exposure claim" they can create against you and your premises (churches, business, vehicle, school, government building, home, etc.) holding you completely liable for what they can consider to be COVID transference and exposure.

Do not allow them to use COVID as an excuse to strip us away from choices. This is about big dollars, not about your family or their safety.

How you can use your voice:

The bills to kill are Kill SB51 (Senator Tony Luetkemeyer) and SB42 (Senator Bill White) They are hearing these bills TUESDAY and are set to pass them unless they hear an abundance of citizen's objections. Tony Luetkemeyer, the sponsor of SB51, is also the Chairman of the committee the bill will be heard in (Judicial Committee). This bill is being fast-tracked. Again, they have to remove as much liability as quickly as possible before COVID protocols can be standardized across our state. (Standardization always means loss of local control.)

TO DO THAT: Click on the links below to open up a witness form. These witness forms will be submitted in the hearing AS YOUR VOICE.

For SB51

1) Click HERE

2) Fill out the form for SB51 and push submit.

3) After submitting click the "Make PDF" button and save

4) Then, send the saved witness form to:

This way the witness form will be entered into the committee hearing Tuesday.

For SB42

1) Click HERE

2) Fill out the form for SB42

3) After submitting click the "Make PDF" button and save

4) Then, send the saved witness form to:

UPDATE: Through your phone calls to Senator White's office, we are being told SB42 has been changed 5 times since the original language, but they don't have it published to the public. If they want public support of the new language then they need to make it available to the public and attorneys for review. They want to pass the bill before we know what's in it.



that address concerns for those who need it, without the overreaching tentacles and crushing mandates.

SB21 sponsored by Andrew Koenig is being heard Wednesday in the Health and Pension Committee. This bill will:

  • A family can have a patient advocate in attendance at a hospital, no matter how old.

  • Local orders may last only 14 days within the time frame of 2 years without a vote of the General Assembly

  • No isolation except in the home and to be done so without electronic monitoring.

  • A health emergency does not take away patients' rights.

Another bill is being filed and will be out this week, that will easily protect ALL business' equally from liability and penalties. We will share that with you when it is filed and has a bill number. We DON'T have to accept bad bills to get real protection!

To supports SB21 please call these committee members and express your support.

Bob Onder (Chairman) (573) 751-1282

Bill Eigel (573) 751-1141

Holly Rehder (573) 751-2459

Bill White (573) 751-2173


Need more info. before taking action?

You will find more background information on this bill from our previous blog post, here.


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