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CUOMO Care Is In The Mo. House (SB51)

The proof is there... immunity that has cost thousands of lives in other states, please watch and share the short video. There is still time, call your representatives and ask them to VOTE NO ON CUOMO CARE!

You can help spread the dangers of SB51 by:

  • Sharing the video by forwarding this email or by the direct link at pub=hkpgt.

  • Call your representative and senator and these key representatives and let them know your concerns about SB51.

Speaker Vescovo 573-751-3607, Email

Rep. DeGroot 573-751-1247, Email

Rep. Black 573-751-3819, Email

Rep. Christofanelli 573-751-7605, Email

Rep. Coleman 573-751-3751, Email

Rep. Hardwick 573-751-1446, Email

Rep. Riley 573-751-2210, Email

Rep. Trent 573-751-0136, Email

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