Creative Destruction part 3

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Your Assets Are Next

COVID is being weaponized. This. This is what you are experiencing:


George Orwell warned of such utopian dreams, that turn into a dystopian future.

How many times did they say "work for everyone", unfair, equitable, transform, fairer?

This all sounds great within the kindergarten classroom, but when you're talking real-world terms, terms THEY describe, it means to:

STANDARDIZE and MONITOR ALL resources, including you.

Who controls the money and the assets, controls you. Once you understand how they are doing with it, you will connect so many dots!



While you and your neighbors are struggling under the social distancing regulations that shut down and put strains on small businesses, big corporations have not only been practicing social distancing but financially distancing as well.

No good American would want to deny a hard-working entrepreneur the fruits of their labors, but during lock-down winners were predetermined.

Does it make sense that Walmart stays open, rioting and looting are condoned, but fitness gyms, restaurants and other locally owned businesses who were willing to exceed all precautions have been forced to close for business or lose their licenses?

Small businesses are being deemed "non-essential". By doing so,

the powers that be are controlling

where you go,

where you spend your money,

and how you spend your time.

Read on, to understand why.


ALL Their chips are on the table:

Blockchain, have you heard of it? Blockchain is the INTERNET OF EVERYTHING (IoE): Money, people, activity, and resources.

Blockchain is the method of being able to monitor and standardize everything.

And COVID is a way to usher it in.

Their plan is for EVERTYHING to be digitized. The new digitized system will be sold to the public as open and transparent. They say it will help fight the drug war, human trafficking, and oppressive regimes. Sounds like a dream. Who doesn't want the world to be safer and better?

Blockchain: The next natural step in the evolution of connectivity.

All the big players, including the IMF (International Monetary Fund and the top consulting group in the world, McKinsey & Company, have been waiting for an opportune moment to nudge us to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Why is McKinsey & Company significant? They provide consulting services and policy recommendations for 90% of the top 100 companies in the world, merging global and private goals (PPP's Public-Private Partnerships).

You will want to remember them in the future.

Have you heard of this desire to revolutionize the world economy with blockchain?

Or how this was being parroted in Congress?

They are saying that a digital economy will keep us safe from the dangers of handling cash.

Both major parties in Congress, corporations and global elites are using COVID to transition from paper/coin currency to digital currency (Blockchain/Cryptocurrency).

Watch for it.

This will impact you and you need to understand how it will change everything.

The consolidation of assets has already begun:

Central banks are poised and waiting for just the right time.

Here is a visual showing the movements of the central banks over the last few years

Why the slight of hand?

Someone has to make sure things are fair and equitable, and according to them, "fair" and "equitable" only exist when the playing field, systems and resources are the same... for you, not them.

And that something better for them is your asset buy-in.


Your money confiscation through BANK "Bail-IN"?

What is a bank bail-in and how will it impact you?

A bank buy-in is where they harvest (withdraw without your permission) a portion of your bank assets (your cash) to help them balance their books. This play has already been debuted a couple of times, one with a model that was tested in Greece in 2013 and also in Cyprus.

Depositors in Cyprus were almost completely wiped out and 21,000 bank clients who had deposits of more than 100,000 euros saw 47.5% of their savings confiscated.

Eye bleeding, I know. You have to understand this or you won't recognize the signs.

IN SHORT, Thanks to the DODD-FRANK ACT of 2010 (Title 2 under Orderly Liquidation Fund): the door was swung wide open for bank bail-ins.

So instead of relying on government funds (taxpayer "bail-out") to save itself from going bankrupt, a bank can now simply dip into your deposit accounts to stabilize itself (bail-in")

Alarmed? NOT TO WORRY!! To compensate you, the bank will exchange your money for its equivalent value in that companies shares. In other words, if a bank fails, it takes your money and hands you an equivalent amount of shares in its failing operation making you a partner. Ethical? No. Legal? Yes.

Coincidently, what happened to bigger depositors in Cyprus and Greece? The larger stockholders of the bank exited before knowledge of the insolvency became public (much like the senators and CEO's of major corporations just before the Coronavirus downturn on Wallstreet).

And how is it that governments don't seem to care about their wild spending?

Digital currencies will save the day! If they dump (aka transition) from fiat currencies and move to digital, no loss. Everyone will cheer.

Who came up with this nefarious plan?? Three guesses from our pool of featured players: If you guessed these guys...

Ding, ding, ding... you get the prize!

Here is where it all originated from. Know this: these private organizations made up the framework and policies that were then adopted through another PPP (public-private partnership) when our government along with other governments (the G20) adopted them. get the consolation prize of the likes of the Dodd-Frank Act.

it isn't a little ironic and maniacal that the Dodd-Frank act was entitled the WALL STREET REFORM AND CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT?




This is where it comes full circle FOR THEM

From their own words in the previous posts, you are seen as human capital and your assets are no different. The name of the game: Standardize, consolidate, and digitize. Once that happens, it is much easier to track and trace, and we don't have to look very far to see the petri-dish experiments being implemented in other countries.

Australia is not alone. Singapore, Africa, UK, joins the others in taking the WHO's recommendations to go cashless.


Be aware before you bite into the potentially digitized poisonous apple.

Ask yourself. do you:

Support/subscribe to a newspaper or organization, politician, business?

Buy a gun?

Support a certain counter-culture brand?

How much gas do you use?

How much food do you consume or have on hand?

Collect a paycheck regularly? How often, and how much?

Pay tithing to a church?

Donate to charities?

Think you have nothing to hide? The definition of "wrong" is very fluid these days. YOU may think you're not doing anything wrong. This is not about what any of us think at all, right? Did you hear them? "We must live up to the expectations THEY HAVE CREATED ". Translation: this is about you melding to their worldview, their expectations.

Because of this being about them and THEIR worldview, we have this:

Think about that. Everything will be digitally linked, including you, to a point of singularity.

The program is said to “evolve as you evolve” and has the potential dual-use purpose of surveillance and “predictive policing”

Predictive policing. Predictive. Let that sink in.

They aren't joking: A merging of all identity into one "digital wellness" platform that helps track and maintain everyone's digital presence. "Identity, health records, assets, anything that requires trust."

It sounds crazy when it looks like this:

That digital pass that allows you o return to work and life safely.

What about this: Birth registrations connected to a portable (for your convenience) biometrically-linked identity to all your access to services and livelihoods from birth to death to unlock the potential of global public good.

Remember this from the previous posts? ID2020- it's a Bill Gates thing.

"CONSPIRACY theory" right? Cradle-to-grave digital identity unlocked for the global public good?

IT IS crazy, but it's not a conspiracy theory, they have written it in black and white. It is, however, a CONSPIRACY against everything you have been told is American and right.



You can see this mirrored in countries around the world. India, Singapore. This is how they are rolling it out in the UK:

Look them up to get the opposite of some warm, fuzzy feelings.

This video is a must see.

Locked entrances. Safe distancing until you have been scanned.

This is where all the testing centers and the "COVID Police" will be used.

As they say...

"The only way out? Test, test, track and isolate"

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General, World Health Organization (WHO)

Test, test, test, test some more.

Such things in America, it will never happen right?

Would any of this have been believable a year ago?

Here is your crazy talk being served in America with a teaspoon of salt. No Matter where you shop, what device or what card you use. NICE. Nothing bad can happen with this.

YOUR "DIGITAL WELLNESS" MERGING WITH MASTERCARD... Another grand PPP (Public Private Partnership) to act as a catalyst, bringing "smart" into traditional programs for terms of "reach, adherence, efficiency and centralized record keeping"

Leading the way forward to a "WORLD BEYOND CASH" for the last-mile experience.

Gavi is the World Bank, Bill Gates, the IMF (International Monetary Fund), and now your banking and credit institutions.

Connecting the dots?

Pull the thread - it's a spider web of interconnecting narratives and goals. These are facts.

Make no mistake, when they say this:

It means they are the self-appointed kings and rulers, picking both the winners and the losers. They define "fair and equitable" and have determined they will do that by digitizing all resources, allowing them to monitor what they have and then standardize and regulate its distribution.

You've learned about the progress they have already made.

What is left but to believe they think us incapable of our own life stewardships?

Unless, of course, you belong to an elite group...

The new normal is about the New World Order and the Great Reset.


Here is what you can do:

Run from any mention of local, state or federal PPP's (Public-Private Partnerships) being implemented by your elected officials, any mega-chain store or bank. Wean yourself off of them. Run to local mom and pop shops.

Your locally owned stores, the ones who actually live in your area and have invested their lives in your community, are the first casualties in this pandemic conspiracy. The "little guy" is getting pushed out while the big corporations get bigger. When the little guy is gone, what options will you have then?

Transition away from social media platforms that censor word and thought to platforms that support freedom of speech. It doesn't do any good to complain about violations of rights on platforms used to silence your concerns. Go somewhere your voice will be heard. "We strengthen that which we support."

Do yourself another favor and break up with your Mastercard.


Use it.

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