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Creative Destruction Part 1

Updated: Dec 1, 2020


Take this journey and connect some dots. Learn to ask the right questions and share important truths. WE ARE OUT OF TIME. There is a lot of information here. This information is not for the masses, it is for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. If you truly want to understand, you simply must take the time to process this.

There is a war being waged against us.



It all started with “We are all in this together.” remember?

We are going to stay out of the weeds with all the protests/riots except to say there are incongruences as to why there were funerals attended by politicians and celebrities, when:

1. People all around the world were denied the ability to attend to and surround their loved ones in times of grief.

2. People are STILL denied the ability to enter a nursing home to visit loved ones.

3. Pastors are not allowed to visit those wishing to be read their last rights.


4. Your rights to protest peacefully, and to petition your government are discouraged.

You were protesting out of concern for your business, employees and about the ability to feed your family. Lockdown for thee but not for me?

Protests = bad. However, riots = good?

Bricks staged, cities burning and nothing to see here… all while your churches remain fearful to open and in some cases remain closed. Families are separated, social networks are fractured and new buzz words like social distancing, lockdown, stay home, facemask, and contact tracing become the norm.

Virtue signaling...LOTS OF IT.

We are entering a culture where they paint you as the enemies for not staying in your house 24/7 because of a virus, and others also paint you as the enemy for not leaving your house to join a massive protest with thousands of people. If you don't conform for the "common good" you are bullied by the media until you submit or are adequately harassed and reminded of how "selfish" you are.

HYPOCRASY illustrated: a refresher



The media is playing the part of a scolding parent telling you that they know better how you should direct your life. How dare you not wear a mask, or think about uniting within your communities. Sound bites for "We are in this together" from the heads of countries, corporations, Hollywood, school districts, etc. Everyone agreed:

On the surface, this looks amazing. All the words and mission statements we want to hear, especially when under duress.

Understand this, you need to question whether their idea of being in this together looks like your idea of being in this together.


Agenda 21

Do you know what it is? If not, you had better take time to find out. It is affecting you every day and you don't even know it.

Created in 1992, Agenda 21 has been carried out by NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) and funded by world governments and groups like the “Open Society Foundation”, the Aspen Institute (George Soros) & the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

One Major objective of the Agenda 21 initiative is that every local government should draw its own local Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Goals to be included in the newer Agenda 2030.

The official name is the UN Agenda 2030 For SUSTAINABLE Development. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT-... you see and hear that word everywhere. It is not an accident and you need to understand what it actually means.

In 2018, the World Economic Forum stated: “The multi-stakeholder approach defines the core of the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals: “We are all in this together.”

That is code for Standardize, centralize, and coordinate!

“All will implement this plan…

We are determined to take the bold and transformative steps…

We pledge that no one will be left behind”

The UN created the World Economic Forum to support Agenda 21, now Agenda 2030; they created it in 1971, 50 years ago to “accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”.

Bill Gates attaches himself to both the UN and the World Economic Forum.



There is no doubt that Co-Vid19 is a “hinge event” that will change everything. It is just a sampling of the narrative. Buckle up.

Their worldview:

Contact tracing and vaccines: Here is the overarching take away - globally there is a desire and big push to standardize/centralize a coordinated plan to deal with the pandemic. Remember that. Standardize, centralize, and coordinate. The agenda to standardize and centralize sounds all tight and neat, right? It is far less messy than individuality.

In October 2019 Bill Gates hosted a worldwide event called Event 201, which was a high level pandemic exercise to show how businesses and governments could work together (public private partnerships) to combat the same strain of the disease we are struggling with now.

Bill Gates has been busy. Not only was he putting together Event 201, he was also working to collaborate with global influencers in what Bill calls ID2020.

The goal with ID2020 is to:

Create universal digital identities for everyone."

Wait, what is that? What can that mean?

"What are the social, economic, and ethical implications of such an initiative? Our digital activity increasingly parallels our real-world activity. Participation in the modern economy, the ability to buy and sell, attain employment, healthcare, social services and more… to provide a unique digital identity to everyone on the planet…”

Read this page. Take screen shots. If this does not get your attention, nothing will. Notice their words from the page. They do NOT hide their agenda.

New Identity Model: “Globally recognized digital identity for everyone from birth to death”. “Nonparticipants in this system would be unable to buy or sell goods or services.” (This is a quote from the document. This is their goal as part of the agenda).

Blockchain Technology: “To allow interoperability of people, apps, products and services…”

Global Connectivity: (more on this in a bit)

Political Unity: Standardized, centralized, and coordinated efforts. “What happens to those unwilling to participate? Will they face persecution? How will they enforce it, and by whom?”

Sounds crazy right?? Yeah, it does, and they are doing it now.





Who is GAVI?

Gavi is, “A global Vaccine Alliance, bringing together public and private sectors (public private partnerships) with the shared goal of creating equal access to new and underused vaccines for children living in the world’s poorest countries”. (Note the partners).

They are starting with the poorest children and most poverty stricken countries first. Exactly what is it that they are doing? We know this is cutting edge technology and right now there is a bit of infighting to see who floats to the top, but here is what they are saying they want to do.

BIOSensors: They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words (Profusa)

Understand the magnitude of this. This is technology developed by DARPA.

(The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military)

Do you feel like you are in a sci-fi movie?

Just how are these next-gen vaccines made? How will they be administered? Gates has vaccine administration covered through a dissolvable microneedle patch, like the one spoken of above. It allows for quick administration by nearly anyone who has been minimally trained, such as door to door administration via contact tracers. Do your own research. The idea is that within these biosensor vaccines there are nanoparticles that can gather PII (Personally Identifiable Information) such as your medical history, heart rates, sleep schedule, movements, vaccine schedules, etc. that can be read via a smart phone or other technological device.

The links below will help you in your research:

Pretty amazing!! This technology is so cutting edge, that Gates is also working to develop the microneedle for the administration of contraceptives.

Just when you think this could not get any more bizarre, let us tie in this glowing nanoparticle reporter called Luciferase.

Here is a helpful video on how it works in monitoring virus detection.

These vaccinations are being developed through the funding of some of the same corporations who are also wanting to bring sustainable development goals (know these goals) to the forefront of the global community. They are accomplishing this via huge collaborate efforts to bring communitarian balance for governments and corporations. It is not about the balance and well-being of the people. Case in point:

CEPI stands for Collaborative Epidemic Preparedness Initiative and was started by the countries of Norway and India, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, and the World Economic Forum.

Do you see a pattern yet? Do you see how these same players keep popping up? This did not start in March of this year when they shut down our country. This has been in the works for years.

Did you now that in the U.S., there is no medical indemnity for harmful side effects for these multi-billion dollar corporations all clamoring to offer you their vaccine for COVID.

What does that mean? It means in real terms that there is zero penalty for too little testing, deaths, or permanent disabilities caused by offering and/or requiring Americans to use vaccines. Congress gave Big Pharma a pass. An official pass when it comes to their liability. Now, vaccines in our country mean big money. The incestuous relationship between the FDA, CDC, and Big Pharma is not lost on any of us that are watching this go on.

Do you see why they are saying we will not be going back to “normal” without a vaccine? They have cause, need, and a clear path and we are tuned in 24/7. The cure is worse than the disease. WE ARE GUINEA PIGS and there is no accountability for what they are doing.



The very word REFERS TO WHEN SOMEONE IS SERVING JAIL TIME. It is offensive. Why do they use such strong language? Because they need fear, contact tracing and vaccinations. They want you to feel like you are in jail so we are quicker to comply. Once you "comply" with vaccines and allow contract tracing, you can be released and "free" by their definition. You will beg for it...or that is what they hope.

Gates’ sentiments drive the narrative of other leaders around the globe such as the Canadian Prime Minster, and many others. These are world leaders, economies, and big money. Notice how the MSM (mainstream media) and other countries herald China as the exemplar country during the pandemic. CHINA! The one with social credit scoring, human rights violations, work camps for political dissenters, and complete oppression. CHINA, the ones who have worn face masks for years.

With a flip of a switch your life has been, for the most part, classified as nonessential. Your dreams, your ambitions, your business, your investments, your faith, your family… with a flip of a switch someone else has just defined what your life is to look like on all levels.

UPDATE: Before we could get this published and sent to you, this article crossed our desk from Israel.

All the connections we have just made. Essentially there is this bioluminescence call Luciferase that if injected helps to monitor and report on viruses and conditions of your antibodies. They are talking about injecting Nanoparticles, reporting mechanisms, and DNA from who knows what into your body. Pause for just a second and let that sink in. This is not a chip. Something to be removed, this is biometric changes to your DNA from whom?

- DARPA (US Department of Defense) and the NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations aka private contributors)

- CEPI (also introduced above...THANKS BILL GATES)


Understand that most of ALL the UN Agenda 2030 funding comes from partnerships (collaborations) between NGO’s and governments into what they often refer to as PPP (Public Private Partnerships). The brilliance of doing it that way is that YOU - the taxpayer… have nowhere to go to hold them accountable for their actions.

Government is not accountable entirely nor is the private business. All these pet projects receive funding through partnerships where the average citizens have no seat at the table. When they are talking about stakeholders, it DOES NOT include you. It is the perfect set up to chaos, confusion, and frustration on the part of the American public.



Ask yourself: "Whose DNA are they injecting into my body?" The video below provides a synopsis of where, for many years, DNA used in vaccine development has been coming from. (2nd trimester aborted fetal tissues) Why does this disturb the average human being and not those using these procedures?

Operation Warp Speed will serve us all well. Receive your vaccine and then you will receive a “passport” allowing you to return to what was everyday life.



ledger insights

After we line up and comply with testing and immunization(s)…. We can be happy owners of a global passport of our choosing where we will be welcomed back into an open society all connected on the “cloud”.

Your finances, your education, your movements, your groceries, your associations, your personal convictions tracked, traced, and monitored. No worries however, you still have a choice as to what passport you receive; there are several options.

Having trouble paying bills, wanting some more schooling, feel like buying groceries? Sorry you did not comply! You cannot participate in society.

Does this look more like a social credit scoring system to you than a way to track and destroy COVID? Yes, yes it does.

Keep reading. The plan will continue to unfold. Remember, these are not our words. We are just helping you connect all the big dots that are already out there.

This one they call COVIPass. Make sure to check out their explainer video on the landing page. You might find min 3:10 especially enlightening, as they talk about ensuring “fluid crowd control and movement of people”, monitoring just to ensure you social distance (aka stay disconnected from each other)

Remember, this is a global transition to SUSTAINABLE GOALS featuring a:

New Identity Model: “Globally recognized digital identity for everyone from birth to death”. “Nonparticipants in this system would be unable to buy or sell goods or services.” (DO NOT FORGET THIS PART.)

Are you sensing the fundamental transformation? Did you realize this is what they were talking about when they said (and continue to say) we are in this together? You are now a GLOBAL CITIZEN.

Blockchain Technology: “To allow interoperability of people, apps, products and services…”

CONTROLLED AND MONITORED. Cashless society to make Interoperability of people standardized.

Global Connectivity means BLOCKCHAIN for all. Tech will be a fundamental human right, watch for it. It is the reason for broadband capability to be everywhere, from the farm to urban cities. Everyone must have access to the “cloud”. This means school, work, business, banking, church, etc. all globally connected.

Have you wondered why you used to get a call from the truancy officer if your child was sick and home but now education is on the backburner and hardly a concern? It is because they are shifting to everything to the cloud.

Political Unity means GLOBAL UNITY, Standardized, centralized and coordinated (GLOBAL) efforts.

“What happens to those unwilling to participate? Will they be persecuted? How will it be enforced and by whom?” (Their quote)

No one will be left behind (their words). THIS IS A BETA TEST and they are squeezing us from all sides. America is the lynch pin to this global plan.


Dr. Faucii, in the New England Journal of Medicine in March stated that, COVID was akin to a seasonal flu outbreak just days before coming before the U.S. public to announce the state of the pandemic and the deaths that would ensue.

For far too long we have waited for political leaders, community leaders, school leaders, faith based leaders and brick and mortar leaders to direct on how to navigate issues. As politically incorrect as this sounds, that is denying your God given ability to walk this participatory form of government out in a way that is not STANDARDIZED, CENTRALIZED and GLOBALIZED. No one knows your life better than you do. They are your friends, your neighbors, and your connections. The solutions you offer to those around you can change the story's ending. It doesn't have to be this way.

Their narratives sound so much like what every responsible American wants (to reopen, care for their loved ones and friends, etc) that we rarely question their intent.

TRUST THEIR OWN WORDS. They are telling you straight out what they are doing.

Standardization is NOT AMERICAN.

EXPERIMENT TIME: Type in a random number in a Google search with the word NEW COVID cases (for example: 587 new COVID Cases)

Use good, sound judgement, but we are saying something is terribly amiss. This is the Worldometer. Compare the numbers.


Look at the numbers. There are more staggering tragedies happening that hardly raise a whimper. Could it be that they do not fit a larger agenda? Vs

The UK recently downgraded COVID from a high consequence infectious disease.



Ask who creates the test. Who is producing the guidelines that create the data that is driving this ever-changing narrative? THE CDC, another public/private partnership? Ask yourself, where is the independent validity and reliability of the tests? Who knows the answer to this? Since when in the history of forever have healthy people been asked to line up for a test? And, if the test comes back positive (even though you have zero symptoms) you are forced into "lockdown". How do you know the tests are accurate? However, those positive tests are being used to fuel fear by the media to force compliance and the new normal.

We implore you to do your research. Does their “IN THIS TOGETHER” match your idea of what “IN THIS TOGETHER” means?

In the coming days we will be sharing how this is all unfolding in Missouri and who the players are. Until then, it is the perfect time this 4th of July to shut off the MSM (declare your independence) and ask some new questions or ask follow-up questions. They have had you riveted to their narrative for months. When is the last time you felt inspired by the news, really inspired about who you are and who we are as a country? They are creating a culture of shame.

We have waited too long to be led. Our heritage is one of everyday Americans leading, not just a select ivory-tower few. We cannot afford to wait for them. Do not let them STANDARDIZE, CENTRALIZE and GLOBALIZE. When you hear, "There is nothing we can do", recognize that as a role of victimhood. It's a cop out.

They are doing this to us and so much more:

There are times when you need to stand to unite. Time is gone.

PLANT YOUR FLAG IN THE GROUND AND LOOK UP. Pray to know what to do. OUR RESPONSE (singularly and collectively) is the lynch pin, the only divergent factor in the plan calling for STANDARDIZATION, CENTRALIZATION and GLOBALIZATION. Be smart, do your own research, talk to your neighbors. Don't play the role of a victim.

More to come shortly.


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