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Copy of 5 PESKY SECRETS THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT SB 51 that are a really big deal.

They say SB51 is about small businesses, but then you may have heard it's about "tort reform". Completely confused?? Their narrative is constantly changing. This video exposes the shroud of political and special interest protections surrounding SB51 in a way that will help you understand all their definitions and exposes the major players of these civil court reforms in the state of Missouri and the impact SB51 will likely have on your life. Who is driving SB51 for "small business" and is it a good thing? Watch the video and you be the judge.

SB51 is scheduled to be voted on at any time. Please give your state representatives and Governor Parson a call using the contact information below.

To look up your senator click here: Legislator Lookup | Missouri Senate (

To look up your representative click on the following button and look for the "find your representative" button: Missouri House of Representatives - Home (

To call the Governor: 573 751-3222


They say this bill is about the protection of small businesses from "COVID EXPOSURE CLAIMS". Yes, the bill does protect small businesses that show FULL COMPLIANCE AND FOLLOW "GUIDELINES" NOT DEFINED IN THE BILL. If you do not follow those unknown "GUIDELINES MADE BY UNKNOWN ENTITIES" your business will be sued for "recklessness and willful misconduct". Does this mean that if your small business does not force employees and patrons to take the newest "biological or epidemic product", wear two masks at all times, or be implanted with a "medical device", or sign up for the new contact tracing app sweeping the globe in the form of a digital health passport that tracks your movements via GPS you will be considered "reckless" or exhibiting "willful misconduct" as defined in the bill? It is likely seeing as how the "GUIDELINES" and who will be recommending those "GUIDELINES" are not covered in the bill.

COVI-PASS or something similar seems to be the most likely approach to ensuring that small businesses are in full compliance with the mandates of SB 51. It is likely a similar type of digital health passport would be required for entry into places of business, schools, or even your homes as a way to track compliance. This is the only metric of measurement for compliance that truly makes sense when understanding the muddled and intentionally confusing language of SB 51. How does one measure "compliance" when it comes to tracking a virus that has always been accepted as ubiquitous and impossible to track?

The Governor of Missouri posted this earlier this week about the COVID numbers in Missouri.

During the height of flu season COVID numbers are on the sharp decline. So, why is he driving this new "COVID Liability PROTECTION BILL" in the form of SB 51 at such warp speed in the form of an "EMERGENCY CLAUSE"? So much about this bill leaves more questions than answers. Do your research and understand that there are many fingerprints all over this bill that have interests tied to big money.

Did you know that once a bill is passed, it is turned over to the relative government agency to interpret and create policy for enforcement? Bill White is making his intent of the bill known:

In his own words...YOU WILL FOLLOW "GUIDELINES" or you will be sued for recklessness and willful misconduct. We don't know what those "guidelines" will be and where they will be coming from, but Bill White (attorney and sponsor of the bill) makes it clear that if you don't comply, YOU WILL BE SUED for a COVID EXPOSURE CLAIM.

In his own words from a recent article by Emily Manley

Posted: Jan 19, 2021 / 07:06 PM CST/ Updated: Jan 19, 2021 /

His comment in that article:

Read the whole article here, and watch Bill White testify about "GUIDELINES".

SB 51 does offer true immunity for businesses...BIG BUSINESS. "Covered products", "Hospitals and nursing homes" enjoy COVID Liability protections that are not extended in the same way to churches, non-profits, or individuals, or small businesses that refuse to comply with unknown future "GUIDELINES".

SUMMARY: SB 51 does offer small business protection IF you comply. If you comply you will not be considered "reckless" or be guilty of "willful misconduct" as defined in this bill. If you do not comply the bill has created new definitions and a vacuum by which you can be sued that does not exist now.

SB 51 will be a boot on the neck of individuals, small business, churches, and non-profits to name a few. Compliance in the name of "health" and "safety" means big profits for companies who offer those "safety measures" in the form of liability-free "COVERED PRODUCTS" that will be brought to big pharma and corporate interests by way of SB 51 which extends to them blanket corporate immunity if something goes wrong. "GUIDELINES" as mentioned by Senator White (the co-sponsor) of this bill will rule the day. We have to pass the bill so we know what those "GUIDELINES" look like. How very Nancy Pelosi of Senator White.

Know the truth. Settle for nothing less. Ask for a better bill that truly protects small businesses and churches as they have done for big corporate interests. Why can they enjoy full immunity from liability while the rest of us cannot be extended the same measure of protection?

Simple answer: MONEY & CONTROL.


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