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Because of you! *URGENT SB1UPDATE*

You are making a difference!! More sinister details are coming to light regarding SB1, here they are:


It makes sense that Senator Emery would be sponsoring this bill because he chairs the Government Reform Committee. We were told that the Governor himself called the session and that this bill is something he is wanting to have passed. Ask yourself why the Governor would be in such a rush to call a special session when the Legislature convenes in January. We can only guess that since he is not mandating masks or lock-downs that perhaps there is pressure from somewhere else to pass this legislation.


They are touting this as protecting businesses, etc. but don't be fooled. It's easy to be confused until you understand that the bill will require businesses, etc. to comply with THEIR recommendations in a "state of emergency" or be liable. How is that protection?

They call it protection for all while requiring businesses, churches, schools- to do their dirty work! YOUR POTENTIAL LOSS OF LIFE OR INJURY and no one is held accountable.

SEE THE SLIGHT OF HAND?? Government mandates something onto the public through a third party and then they offer protection to that third party while you have no idea THEY SOLD YOU DOWN THE RIVER! THIS IS CALLED A PPP- A public-private partnership.

No government accountability or public backlash by constituents because of the cozy protection offered to those unleashed, unelected, and deligated "health officials" pulling the trigger on YOU!

THIS IS EXTORTION when you realize that they are even requiring compliance WITHIN YOUR OWN HOME. Try being a business, etc. that doesn't comply with the public mandates and all that protection goes out the window. Who gets to come after those non-compliant businesses, etc. then? You guessed it, the very ones mandating the compliance.

KEEP UP THE PHONE CALLS- it provides cover for those in the legislature who have committed to fighting this bill. Your calls and questions have made a difference, they are starting to question the intent of this special session and why the rush before Jan. when the General Assembly can convene and questions and concerns can be fleshed out with due diligence.


IMPORTANT: Please note that the hearing will start 10 minutes after the Senator Adjourns on December 1… The Senate will Convene at 4:00pm. The Hearing should start between 4:30 and 5:00pm.

THE LINK ABOVE will take you to a page that looks like this below:

Follow the directions:

PDF Version | House Hearings

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday

Audio/Video for Joint Committee Room (Rm 117) | Audio for Senate Chamber

Click on the Audio/Video for Joint Committee Room (117) link and it will take you to the Audio for the Hearing Room….See highlighted above link or go to


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